Product Details AB Test


Test the new design of the MEC product details page.



I was working with MEC when we redesign and relaunched During the design process, the product recommendations on the product details page got deprioritized, so that they were at the very bottom of the page. This new design was very different from the existing design, which had the recommendations above the fold.

I was responsible for the dynamic product recommendations strategies and reporting. Because I knew the product recommendations were a popular feature with all our users, and especially our users that ended up converting - I thought they should be higher on the page. But the data I had wasn't enough to prove that they needed to be higher on the page. In order to determine if the reprioritization was a good thing or not, we tested the new design.

First, we tested the old design with the product recommendations below the fold (no picture below - sorry). Then we tested the full page redesign. Both of these tests had the same result.


We learned that the moving of the product recommendations didn't have any impact on hardgoods sales (70% of all the products on, but it had a large, negative impact on softgood sales. This meant softgood shoppers versus hardgood shoppers interacted with the product details page differently.

Take Away

We updated the design and requirements of the product details page, so that the product recommendations were prioritized on softgood pages, but deprioritized on the hardgoods pages.



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